Saturday, June 8, 2019


Daniel King Rosso
January 14, 1953 - May 11, 2019

(Diagnosed with ALS in 1987)


Beloved Brother Daniel King Rosso


Sharifah C. Rosso, 

(Last Revised: June 8, 2019)

Beloved brother, mine,

Given by the Divine,

Bonded by Father Italy’ blood,

 Mother America’s seventh line,

A character, which so brightly shines.

Cherished, brother mine,

Honored noble Naval guardian,

Loyal to the end to God, country, family and friend.

How proud I am of my victorious Seaman!

Precious, brother, Dan,

Always here to hold my hand;

Talented tenor singing ballads so fine.

Handsome man, gentle and kind,

With gifted intellect, a brilliant mind.

Father, Grandfather, Brother Dan,

Sweet Judi’s faithful companion.

Beautiful Soul fulfilling his sacred duties,

Sending loving wishes for a blessed, joyous eternal Reunion.

Like a transparent window,

Ever so thin yet infinite in nature,

Your soul is free, oh Beloved Daniel mine,

to reflect the blazing light, beauteous son,

Dancing on the mountain top,

To the music of the Angels.

Waving from above,

Just over my shoulder,

You keep your watch even still,

Smiling joyously, ever so liberated,

Dearest one, as you enjoy the peace and love beyond.

With Dad, and Mom, and all our loved ones gone,

Yet, ever do you live in our hearts and minds,

A brother ever still so beautiful,

Shining yet from just behind the veil,

Sending love to us evermore,

With sweetness and kindness,

With courage and strength our true inheritance,

Beloved, Daniel King, a valiant warrior, 

Noble, without end.

Judy Collins - Amazing Grace

Andrea Bocelli - The Lord's Prayer


About ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease)

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At the time of Daniel King Rosso's passing, he was the second longest survivor of ALS living, which we gratefully attribute to the long continued prayers of loved ones and saints alike, as well as to the loving care of his physician Vincent Sghiatti, M. D,  of Marina del Rey, and his companion of 30 years, sweet Judi Blahnik. "God hears all our prayers, if they are sincere."