Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Dancing with Colors

"Dancing Butterfly" 
Courtesy of Susie Rosso Wolf

Dancing with Colors

Sharifah C. Rosso

Inspired by "Clair de Lune" by Claude Debussy

      On returning home from school a little later in the day, but not quite evening yet, I open our living room door, and am lured inside by the enticement of the first symphonic note embracing the essence of my being. Instantly, my attention is captured, my concentration stilled. I become transfixed in a state of motionless hushed reverence as tones flood my being, and I become fully engrossed, immersed in this enchanted ocean of beauteous symphonic sound.

      The spiraling record spins gently, as the music magically resonates throughout the room filling me like a river overflowing into the ocean of Infinity. Blue hued notes gradually ascend from the rotating beauty of Debussy's picturesque "Claire de Lune". Beatific golden harmonies accompany the Impressionist's melody, accenting the quietude of almost night. Gradually each instrument becomes enraptured with the theme, awakening my soul with vibrating harmonic colors now vibrating within me. Feeling attunement to each note (originally composed only for solo piano), the multiphoneous variegated colors expand into full orchestration and the development recapitulates within my heart. Involuntarily this body begins to swing and sway to the rhythmic structures of the universe, as symphonic sounds spin my form this time around, like this record spinning tone-poem, uplifting me into the inner light of Debussy's moon-illuminated score, an inner ecstasy so sweetly serene, yet majestically revealing.

      With eyes glancing to the long mirrored wall, I look closer and see the window across the living room reflecting Nature's dimly lit moonlight casting its shadow through to me. Dancing to the inner Monet, I look deeper and view the dancing colors in the center of the mirror, my physical form completely disappearing in their vibrating, majestic colored presence, ever so enrapturing. Such exquisite beauty emerges from these radiating luminescent flames of translucent lustrous dancing partners, reflecting so joyously the vibrations of Claude Debussy's musical scenes, a pentatonic pallet reminiscent of the Golden Ages, the Royal Rishis of the Ramayana (and Gamelan).

      Ah, what a lovely memory of the spinning record, Debussy's inspired music long past its time, in the twilight when I danced with my reflected inner lights. I see how wonder-filled are the subtler worlds, still turning in their time, awaiting my reunion to Sound and Light sublime. How memorable was that night when listening to the music, when dancing with the light, when this little child delighted in the inner mirrors of the magnificent, awe-inspiring Divine. 


CLair de lune - steve glaway, flute


Carol Rosenberger, Piano

CLAIR DE LUNE - Slowed Down 800% & Hubble Photos


John Serros 


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Susie Rosso Wolf said...

I can see the colors, hear the music and feel your vibrations. This is a deep and lovely memory. Well written with love and emotion! I'm honored to be a follower and will gladly return to read more of your inspirational prose.

Your writing has lifted me up to the eagles nest and I shall stay up there for quite a while, as I contemplate this dreamy trance, dance!

God's blessings to you,
Susie Rosso Wolf