Sacred Services of the Hebraic Tradition

The "Sacred Services of the Hebraic Tradition” section is dedicated to the physicians and medical staff at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, the Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Center, and the Barbra Streisand Women's Heart Center ~ with deep gratitude and special appreciation to:

David S. Silver, M.D.

Inspired Performances

Barbra Streisand
"Avinu Malkeinu"


"Avodath Hakodesh" 
"Sacred Service"
Ernest Bloch - Composer
Part I - "Meditation" 
Part II - "Kedusha"
Part III - "Silent Devotion and Response"
Leonard Bernstein - Conductor
New York Philharmonic
Robert Merril - Cantor (Baritone)
Dr. Judah Cahn, Rabbi (Recitante)
Choir of the Metropolitan Synagogue
Choir of the Community Church of New York 
Maurice Levine - Choir Master

"Kol Nidre"
Sung by 
Cantor Sholom Mendelson

Ernest Bloch - "Avodath Hakodesh" 
London Philharmonic Orchestra
Conducted by the Composer, Ernest Bloch
"Sacred Service" 
 Part 1
Part 2 

Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

The following compositions are posted 
in Memory of Rachel Hapner,
Beloved Mother of Dora Grynwald,
a friend and fellow devotee

"My Yiddishe Mama"
Yosef "Yossele" Rosenblatt

"Kaddish" - Maurice Ravel
Cicelia Bartoli - Soprano

Prayer based on the "Kaddish"
Maurice Ravel
AntUr Duo at the Divinamente New York Festival
Anton Dresser - Clarinet
Uri Brener - Accordian

Max Bruch - "Kol Nidre"
Jacqueline du Pre - Cello
Gerald Moore - Piano
Ray Jesson - Organ
Osian Ellis - Harp
Jerry Williams - Guitar
Visual Presentation - Matthew Schwartz

"Kol Nidre"
Sung by 
Richard Tucker

"Kol Nidre"
Sung by 
Roger Wagner Chorale

Cantor Moshe Koussevitzky

"Eilu Devurim"
Sung by 
Cantor Mordechai Hershman

The Moscow Male Jewish Cappella
Alexanader Tsaliuk
Artistic Director/Conductor
"Avinu Malkeinu"

Link to the Moscow Male Jewish Cappella

Eric Zeisl - "Requiem Ebraico, the 92nd Psalm" 1944
Lawrence Foster - Conductor
Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester and Chor, Berlin
Deborah Riedel, Soprano
Della Jones, Mezzo-Soprano
Michael Kraus, Bass-Baritone
Part 1
1. How good to give thanks unto the Lord
2. I play on my strings on the psaltery

Part 2
4. Like the palm tree the righeous shall bloom
5. To show that the Lord is upright