Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Little Gift of Love

Dedicated to 
Gurudeva Paramahansa Yoganandaji

Paramahansa Yogananda
January 5, 1893 - March 7, 1952

Taught by Self-Realization Fellowship

Centennial Birthday Celebration for Paramahansa Yogananda
Self-Realization Fellowship Mother Center Chapel, L.A., CA

AWAKE: The Life of Yogananda 

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A Little Gift of Love

Sharifah C. Rosso 

Written on the the 35th Anniversary of  her Kriya Yoga Initiation

August 25, 2014

With Gratitude and Reverence to Gurudeva Paramahansa Yogananda,
Founder of Self-Realization Fellowship/Yogoda Satsanga Society of India
and Sri Mrinalini Mataji, President and Sanghamata

Tonight slowly approaches end.
Tomorrow is my anniversary,
Thirty-five years since my Kriya Yoga initiation.
At the hallowed Mother Center, where it all began.

After my sacred trip to Mt. Washington
A lifetime came and went.
In spite of the karmic accident,
Was it time well spent?

Retrospectively, tears flow gently,
Some regrets, in memory’s introspection.
Nonetheless, perseverance was the encouragement
From the Blessed Sri Daya Mata’s correspondence.

Oh, yearning, innocent idealistic youth!
Yoga anticipation!
Union with the Almighty!
Noble goal: Self-realization.

Body aches,
Yet, mind still wants to meditate,
Such a refined science Kriya Yoga,
Subtly enhanced by the Masters' blessings,

Reflowing the astral and causal cycles
Magnetizing the inner sanctum,
Continually growing,
Wisdom’s chamber gradually expanding,

Perseverance unlocks the Kriya mystery
Perhaps the bliss anticipated
Once shunned by samskara’s might
Glimpses moments of eternal light.

Will the Beloved wait
Until body takes its final flight,
Into the absorbing peace
That knows no time or night?

I learned from the cancer,
That although Kriya opens the chakras and the highest centers,
It is devotion and surrender,
That attracts most this divine lover.

It is the giving, not the taking,
The love genuinely offered,
The love flowing from the heart and soul,
That above all, attracts the Master,

Firm, resolute, divine love,
For Him alone,
Unselfish, constant, undying, eternal love
For the Divine Mother and Eternal Father,

Even when no love is felt,
While in the darkness of maya’s world,
When love feels so unknown,
And emptiness claims to be alone,

One must give and give and give.
Lifetime upon lifetime if need be,
Ascending the wisdom’s tree,
While passing through the gateway to God,

Slower or faster it does not matter,
As Spirit ascends to Spirit in cosmic consciousness
In an instant, or whenever,
God and I,with the Master,

That love that brings that Supreme One,
And us, together, in endless unity.
In divine bliss, for all eternity,
As promised by my precious Kriya preceptor.

The all seeing, supreme emissary,
My precious lover of Divine Mother,
Ambassador of the divine Messengers,
My very own, my beloved eternal cosmic archer,

My precious Gurudeva, and his spiritual representative,
Sri Mrinalini Mataji,
I bow to you in love and devotion,
On this 25th Day of August,

And renew my vows to try to follow Thee,
Oh, Guruji, radiant reflection of the supreme Deity,
Through the pathway of Kriya Yoga and the great Masters,
To the Godhead beyond all mortality,

I bow to Thee in reverence and gratitude,
In love and devotion, and with some trepidation,
As I gently touch Thy sacred feet,
Beyond creation into infinite Heavens,

Nonetheless, You are my very own,
The majestically beautiful, ever eternal, Father-Mother,
Immortal, omnipresent, omniscient One,
And still, my gracious beloved Guru-teacher.

Yours forever and forever,                  
In gratitude for unceasing blessings,
Received with reverence, humility, loyalty and 
Ever deepening devotion,

Pronam, Pronam, Pronam,
Namaste, Namaste, Namaste,

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